//Faculty of Business Administration presented the academic offer to the high school graduates of Kumanovo

Faculty of Business Administration presented the academic offer to the high school graduates of Kumanovo

2021-04-19T18:24:42+00:00 April 19, 2021|

The academic offer of the University of Tetova for the academic year 2021/2022 (on April 14, 2021), was presented to the graduates of the Gymnasium “Sami Frashëri” in Kumanovo. On this occasion, the high school graduates through the online platform had the opportunity to get acquainted in detail with the study programs, study opportunities and conditions as well as the entire offer of the Faculty of Business Administration. The Dean of this faculty, Prof. Dr. Llokman Hebibi, in his speech in front of the high school graduates said that the faculty that he leads offers study programs in the first cycle of studies.

According to him, the study programs are designed to be equipped with the personal knowledge and skills that the high school graduates will need to realize their aspirations in today’s global economy. “These studies help in the development of interpretive skills necessary in the contemporary global economy. The cycle studies last 4 years and graduate students are enabled to contribute to the field of policy building, management of institutions and human resources. Even this year, the Faculty of Business Administration offers two study programs: Business Administration and Public Administration. The study program of Business Administration makes the connection between theory and practice as one of the most important conditions for acquiring the skills and knowledge necessary for a successful career. The Public Administration study program prepares future leaders mainly for government institutions at central and local level as well as non-governmental organizations” – said Prof. Dr. Llokman Hebibi.

In the presentation of the academic offer it was also said that the goals of the Faculty of Business Administration through study programs are: Preparing students for career building in the public, non-governmental and private sector; competence development and management of public research institutions, analysis of public policies, management of human resources, with non-profit organizations; Creating a new generation of competent and professional administrators who will respond to European integration challenges; Training in the preparation of studies in the field of implementing policies in economics, management and judiciary as well as the development of a culture of action in practice and theory; Implementation of contemporary institutional communication through new technologies.

At the end of this presentation, the Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration, Prof. Dr. Llokman Hebibi, said that upon completion of studies at this faculty, graduates will be able to contribute to the creation, implementation, development, and evaluation of public policies, for the good of society. Our faculty constantly reviews our study programs in accordance with the changing needs of the labor market in the Republic of North Macedonia and countries in the region.

High school graduates expressed tremendous interest in continuing their studies at the Faculty of Business Administration, but also asked several questions about the other academic units of the University and the study programs that they offer.