Faculty of Law of the University of Tetova, on May 9, Europe Day, organized a panel discussion. The panelists talked about the importance of this day as well as the importance of faster integration of our country into these structures. The organizer of this discussion panel, Prof. Dr. Bashkim Selmani, said that the Faculty of Law always knows to organize and memorialize the values of the Albanian nation. “It is a fact that the history of Europe in its development and in its historical drama actually made Albanians to be victimized and spread in many countries. Namely, Albanians continue to be wronged for the fact that all states that are accepted in the EU without any conditionality have been accepted, while the Albanians, even though they gave too much for Europe, were conditioned by granting a piece of territory as it was the case with the border between Kosovo and Montenegro” – said Prof. Dr. Bashkim Selmani.

Vice – Dean for Education of the Faculty of Law, Doc. Dr. Jusuf Zejneli, in his speech said that the European Union as a whole represents a cultural, linguistic diversity as well as political and economic union.” We as a people and country are part of the European continent and we must be united to function as a whole with common values and standards with peoples and other EU countries. Our dream in relation to the EU is that we are its members, to have economic development, security as well as to respect the diversity” – said Doc. Dr. Jusuf Zejneli.

Prof. Dr. Ylber Sela elaborated shortly the idea of creating the European Union, by emphasizing that United Europe was built based on the new philosophy after the World War II. Churchill, Jean Monnet, etc., “Philosophy “Never at war and never at poverty in Europe” lead by their ideas to build a Europe of the future, concretized with the Robert Schuman’s Declaration to create the European Union for coal and steel”, said Prof. Dr. Ylber Sela.

While Doc. Dr. Bujar Ahmedi said that the requests addressed to our authorities from the European Union for a genuine reform are the functioning of a democratic state, an efficient administration in the service of citizens, an independent judiciary, fair and adequate representation, a free market economy. “These are some of the challenges that our country must move. We believe that the compromise with Greece brings Europe more closer to us, we believe that the European Union needs Macedonia, we believe that Macedonia needs Europe, so we all need to work in this direction” – said Doc. Dr. Bujar Ahmedi.

During this panel it was emphasized that the journey of Macedonia is Europe and there is no other alternative except that.