Dear friends,

On the occasion of the 113th anniversary of the Congress of Manastir, on behalf of the University of Tetova, I have the honor to wish you this historic date that represents one of the most important events of our people, in which took place the unification of the alphabet of the Albanian language. Thanks to the gathering of Albanian scholars, on November 22, 1908, and their vision, today we have a unified and clear form of our language, the Albanian language.

The Congress of Manastir is the largest national monument for all Albanians wherever they are.

The Congress of Manastir was a nationwide assembly, which gathered the most eminent figures of our national Renaissance such as: Mithat Frashëri, Gjergj Fishta, Luigj Gurakuqi, Gjergj Qiriazi, Nikollë Kaçorri, Shahin Kolonja, Fehim Zavalani, Mati Logoreci, Ndre Mjeda, and many others, who sacrificed themselves and melted their wealth for the unification of the Albanian language and the advancement of the national cause.

They showed to the world that Albanians, even though are divided and fragmented as not worse, have an open corpus of values: the common language, the same culture, the same customs, traditions, rites and that they didn’t have nothing in common with Turks, Greeks or Slavs.

We bow with the greatest honor to all the actors of this great historical event and with dignity we honor the Albanian Alphabet Day on its 113th anniversary.

Happy anniversary of Albanian letters, happy November holidays.


Rector of the University of Tetova,

Prof. Dr. Vullnet Ameti