High school graduates of the city of Tetova, Gostivar and the capital of our country – Skopje, were acquainted with the teaching-scientific offer of the Faculty of Food Technology and Nutrition, which this academic unit of UT offers for the academic year 2021/2022.

Professors of FFTN, for high school graduates of the aforementioned cities have presented general information, the enrollment period and other details such as study conditions, student scholarships and employment opportunities offered in the labor market after completion of studies.

Professors of FFTN who participated in the promotion of the academic offer, estimate that the high school graduates of this generation, despite the new way of presentation (online), have shown high interest in pursuing this promotional campaign of study programs. They say that from year to year their faculty becomes even more attractive for the youth of our country and the region, so the expectations for the enrollment of new students in the academic year 2021/2022 are quite positive.

Dean of the FFTN Prof. Dr. Xhezair Idrizi, is satisfied with the general performance of this academic unit in terms of education, but also and with scientific research conducted in the laboratories of this faculty. “Graduate students in Food Technology and Nutrition programs prepare and qualify for work in the field of development and research for system tasks for food processing quality, technological preparation of production and professional tasks in most food production and raw material production. Tasks in processing quality control systems include professional obligations related to the inspection of production processes and the quality of food, raw materials, and supplies, to produce final products in accordance with social, national, and other regulations and standards. The development and assurance of food quality includes laboratory, chemical, physical, microbiological and sensory experiments “- said the Dean, Prof. Dr. Xhezair Idrizi.

He also stated that the Faculty of Food Technology and Nutrition has the laboratory with the most modern equipment for the control of food products. Graduates of this faculty are employed in educational institutions, in organizations that deal with quality control systems (inspection services in the field of food safety) and in institutions that deal with food research and development.

This faculty of the University of Tetova has already built a successful cooperation relationship with partner faculties from the region, with well-known enterprises, where in some of them work dozens of staff who have completed their studies in this academic unit of UT.