The Coordinator of HR-1005 Network of Education System in Central Europe, Prof. Dr. Vjekoslav Galzina of Osijek University “Josip Juraj Strossmayer” today presented to the students of the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Tetova the opportunities offered by this network for the mobility of the academic staff and students.
During his visit to UT, Prof. Vjekoslav Galzina, accompanied by Dean of the Faculty of Education, Prof. Damir Matanovic, held a meeting with the Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy of UT, Prof. Dr. Ibish Kadriu, with whom they discussed the educational process, the scientific researches, but special emphasis was placed on the continuation of inter-institutional cooperation. Also, the deepening of cooperation and the creation of new opportunities for CEEPUS networks, was also discussed at the meeting with the head of the Office for Project Drafting and Management at UT, Doc. Dr. Shefik Shehu.
The CEEPUS international program aims to promote mobility of students and academic staff, co-operation and development of programs that enable the acquiring of joint degrees. It also enables higher education institutions to participate as coordinators, or partners in CEEPUS III, of university networks from different fields.