On September 14-17, at the University of Tetova, will take place the second enrollment term of new students for the academic year 2021/2022. After the end of the first term, the University of Tetova has announced a call for filling vacancies in the study programs of 13 faculties.

From the Commission for student enrollment, they say that after the end of the first term of enrollment, even in this term the interest of the candidates to enroll in our University is noticed in all academic units and in the study programs which are announced in the call.

According to the call announced for the conduction of the second term, the application, selection, ranking and registration of candidates in certain categories in the second and third term will be done according to the conditions and criteria set by the call for enrollment of students in the first cycle of studies at the University of Tetova.

Candidates, who will apply for registration, must first fill out the online form on the official website of the University: www.unite.edu.mk.

As in the first term, even during this registration deadline, all the administrative services of the University have been made available to the candidates, in order to facilitate their application procedures.