On the occasion of December 18 – International Day of the Arabic Language, this year this date was first marked in Paris, organized by UNESCO and the Foundation “Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud”. Among many Arabologists and lecturers of Arabic language from various European countries and other parts of the world, attended the Prof. Dr. Adnan Ismaili from the University of Tetova.
During the works conducted in the morning session, Professor Ismaili gave a general presentation of the University of Tetova, spoke about the importance of this university for the academic world in our country, and in particular spoke about the branch of Oriental Philology at the University of Tetova and the study of Arabic language and literature at this university. In the afternoon session, however, he discussed the overall developments in the context of the study of Arabic language in our region, for the need, challenges, problems and opportunities of cooperation for the development of Arabic language in the Albanian circumstances.
We emphasize that the UT professor was the only Albanian representative at this conference, where from the region there were representatives only from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Representation of the University of Tetova at UNESCO, at the time when is the 25th anniversary of its foundation, is a extraordinary opportunity for our university