//Prof. Dr. Mimoza Shehu from Albania lectured at the University of Tetova

Prof. Dr. Mimoza Shehu from Albania lectured at the University of Tetova

2019-10-30T16:52:47+00:00 October 30, 2019|
At the University of Tetova was held an open lecture on topic:”Discovery of Extrasolar Planets” by Prof. Dr. Mimoza Hafizi from the Republic of Albania, who at the same time promoted her scientific novel “Pika trëndafili për ne dhe alienët” This activity was organized by the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics of UT. Initially, the participants were welcomed by the Acting Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Prof. Dr. Florim Idrizi. “We are privileged that through this manifestation to be introduced with the proficiency of interconnection between science and art, that the Professor Mimoza Hafizi has presented in her science novel “Pika trëndafili për ne dhe alienët”. I congratulate the professor on the achievements so far and also Ithank the Rector, Prof. Dr. Vullnet Ameti, and the Office of Science for the support they provide to the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics”, – said Prof. Dr. Florim Idrizi.
Acting Dean of the Faculty of Philology, Prof. Dr. Salajdin Salihu presented his review for the book of the Professor Mimoza Hafizi, where among other things he said: “Physics has an inextricable connection with philosophy, but also with literature, though this finding is often not accepted or even considered by the literature scholars. The author of the book “Pika trëndafili për ne dhe alienët” talks about complicated problems in a simple and accessible language. Magnificent things stand on simplicity. There is nothing more complicated than simplicity. It is a book for the scientist and the curious. Readers of this book will be much richer and I hope that the author will surprise us with such hybrid books in the future as well”, said Prof. Dr. Salajdin Salihu.
Whereas, Prof. Dr. Naim Mahmudi from the Department of Physics, while elaborating his view of this scientific novel, stated that through this publication the author has managed to attract the attention of the general public. “The book is accompanied by extensive and popular information for everyone and this spirit is preserved from beginning to end. With this publication in the form of a scientific novel, the author managed to bring people closer to scientific truth, with facts unrelated to pseudoscience and different superstitions or different conspiracy theories”,- said Prof. Dr. Naim Mahmudi.
Professor Mimoza Hafizi did not hesitate to explain details of the planets and the mystery that they hide, details of which she has reflected through the scientific novel “Pika trëndafili për ne dhe alienët”. I’m very excited because I wrote this book with great love, precisely to communicate with the public, but mainly with the youth about the achievements that humanity has in the 21st century, an essential issue of science, that is, the discovery of extrasolar planets, otherwise called exoplanets. Who will be the lucky one to find out where life is?! I am confident that your generation will reach that day, which will be an exemplary event in the history of mankind”, – said Prof. Dr. Mimoza Hafizi. The promotion of the aforementioned book was completed by the representative of the Astronomy Club of Kosovo, Sabit Gashi, who said that we should preserve the environment and recognize the environment around us because according to him, astronomy also promotes civic activism, which means that it is in the function of human culture, and in that human culture is also the part to effort and protect the environment. At the end, all participants in this event had the opportunity to observe the celestial bodies with telescopes made available by the Astronomy Club of Kosovo.