Student Parliament of University of Tetova organized a chess competition. This competition was attended by a total of 38 contestants, students from all faculties of the University of Tetova.

UT Student Parliament President Donika Kamberi, said that the goal of this competition is that students of different faculties compete with each other in this game and through these organizations they have the opportunity to get acquainted and associate as closely as possible with each other.

Chess competition has been developed according to the Swiss System, without elimination but with the collection of points from 7 rounds.

On March 14, in the lobby of the Rectorate of UT, were held the first four rounds, while on March 15th were developed the last three rounds. During the game contestants were visited by the Rector of the University of Tetova. Prof. Dr. Vullnet Ameti, who congratulated them for the support they give to student initiatives and organizations.

After the last round, the commission for organizing this competition announced the accumulated points for the 38 contestants.

A winner of this competition with the maximum of the collected points (7 points) was declared the student of the Faculty of Medical Sciences, Bashkim Luma. To the winner, the champion’s cup along with the gift was bestowed by the Vice-Rector for Science of the University of Tetova Prof. Dr. Hazir Pollozhani.

The second place was won by the student of the Faculty of Law, Rinor Ismaili with 5.5 points, while the award was bestowed by the UT’s Student Parliament President Donika Kamberi.

The third place was won by the student of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Ismet Alla. The trophy was bestowed by the Vice-Dean for Science of the Faculty of Physical Education, Doc. Dr. Haki Ismaili.