Summer School 2022 continues the realization and fulfillment of the agenda successfully. Today the lectures were held by experts of the respective field; meanwhile a lecture dedicated to “Rule of law from the perspective of political philosophy” was held by the president of the Senate of UT, at the same professor at the Faculty of Philosophy Prof. Dr. Kushtrim Ahmeti,

On this occasion, in front of the participants he indicated about the philosophical concepts which stand as postulates on the foundations of which democratic states are built and hence the idea of dividing state power into three pillars. This lecture, unlike the others, which had a practical nature of the lecture, attracted the attention of the participants due to the atypical and quite provocative lecture by Prof. Dr. Kushtrim Ahmeti. The selected topic is not a coincidence, but rather comes as a need to analyze more deeply the concepts that were put forward by different philosophers centuries ago.

Another lecturer who met today with participants of the Summer School 2022 was Cole Radovich, Legal Adviser at the US Embassy. He presented to the students a general summary of American assistance and contribution in strengthening civil society, the rule of law and the fight against corruption. Among other things, he stressed that all of us must engage unequivocally in the fight against corruption and denounce to the state authority any act that violates the right of the citizen to have access to the services that belong to them. At the end of his lecture, he estimated the achievements of the University of Tetova and thanked the organizers for the cooperation so far between UT- Northern Illinois University and the US Embassy, making it clear that this cooperation will be further intensified with Center for Peace and Transcultural Communication, with concrete programs. Summer school 2022 that is co-organizsed  by University of Tetova-Northern Illinois University  and the American Corner in Tetovo, supported by the US Embassy, offers a busy agenda and in the continuation of lectures, sessions and workshops, the students held a meeting with the former Ombudsman in North Macedonia, Ixhet Memeti. He shared his experience in his lecture on topic “Mission and rights protected by former Ombudsman”. Afterwards, the director of the Center for Peace and Transcultural Communication, Donika Kamberi, as a sign of gratitude for her many years of contribution in the field of law, bestowed  to Mr. Memeti the symbol of the Center for Peace.

Today’s agenda ended with the lecture prepared by the professor of the Faculty of Law, Prof. Dr. Jusuf Zejneli. In front of the participants he shared his experience and scientific contribution on the issue of separation of state power and in detail presented the challenges that characterize these pillars: the judiciary, the executive and the legislature and competencies provided by the Constitution of North Macedonia.