Today’s public debate on the proposal and amendment of the Law on Games of Chance organized by the Faculty of Law and the Anti-Gambling Movement mainly focused on the necessity of amending and supplementing the Law on Gambling. Dean of the Faculty of Law, Prof. Dr. Qebir Avziu, said that today’s debate on the Law on Games of Chance clearly speaks of the readiness of the Faculty of Law to put into service all the capacity and intellectual potential to cooperate with the Anti-Gambling Movement. The Law Faculty professors will help the Anti – Gambling Movement and the society to get rid of this evil as soon as possible, i.e. casinos and sports betting to be moved out of town.
“According to the information, only in the city of Tetovo we have more than 37 casinos and a large number of sports betting. Our goal is to remove these casinos and sports betting from our town 3 km away”, said Prof. Dr. Qebir Avziu.
While, according to the leader of Anti – Gambling Movement, Xhemal Abdiu, today ‘s debate confirms the fact, which they have very often emphasized, that Anti – Gambling Movement are not only them, but behind them stands the people, experts as well as professors of the Faculty of Law. “We strongly believe that our requirements will be incorporated into the Law on Games of Chance, which are known to all the public, and believe that our goal will be achieved. The issues we are insisting on this bill are the distance of 3km away from settlements as well as being far from city centers and religious buildings”, said Mr. Abdiu.
About the legal aspect in today’s debate spoke professors of the Faculty of Law, Prof. Dr. Bashkim Selmani, Prof. Dr. Arta Bilalli, Prof. Dr. Afrim Osmani, as well as about the psychological aspect spoke Prof. Dr. Musa Musai.
According to participants in the debate, everyone’s main goal is to incorporate their demands into the bill on gambling.