//The Faculty of Pedagogy at UT organized free activities with elementary school students

The Faculty of Pedagogy at UT organized free activities with elementary school students

2019-06-07T21:58:02+00:00 June 07, 2019|
The students and professors of the Faculty of Pedagogy of the University of Tetova, in cooperation with the primary schools of the Municipality of Tetova, conducted some free pedagogical activities. This event was realized with the students of the fourth grade of elementary schools “Migjeni”, “Kirili and Metodi” and “Perparimi”, where several competing games were carried out in the subject of Mathematics, Albanian Language, Physical Education and Musical Art.
The Dean of the Faculty of Pedagogy, Prof. Dr. Fatbi Osmani, in his speech, highlighted the importance of the free pedagogical activities, as such events convey messages on how to work during the free time with students. He further added that this organization is a good pedagogic practice that needs to be pursued even further in the future, with the aim of educating better the children but also of protecting them from the technological risks, which in most cases have affected many children around the world, but also in our country.
Ass. Prof. Besa Havziu said that the free activities of children, namely of students, pose a problem that has attracted the attention of many scientists and philosophers all over the world, but, as she said, with hard work, will, dedication, and with other tools, be they even recycled materials, progress can be made and hope can be given to the society that children can be educated and protected from any danger, since children are our future and that of the society in general.
To students who participated in the competing games, symbolic gifts were awarded in gratitude for their participation. This activity also symbolized the marking of the International Day of Children – June 1st, and the message about a greater care for children all over the world.