The students of the Music Art Study Program of the Faculty of Arts of UT organized the annual concert with instrumental music. This concert is a good opportunity for all those students who for the first time have the chance to experience the scene performing in front of a wide audience.
The Head of the Music Art Study Program at the University of Tetova, Ass. Prof. Bajramali Idrizi, says that through this concert, the students in their performances present compositions by Albanian and world composers and that through them they are evaluated in several subjects. The special part of this concert was also the graduation of the student Fjolla Roshi. Through her performance in orchestral conduction, she presented her diploma work and thus became the first conductor who has graduated from the Faculty of Arts at the University of Tetova.
In addition, in this concert was awarded the prize for the best student of musical art, the violinist Zana Zumeri. She was evaluated based on her work and success shown during the four years of study. She has responded positively to every engagement within the organized activities by the University of Tetova. Also, she has so far been awarded with several awards in various local and regional competitions.
After this appreciation, the violinist Zana Zumeri said that the “”Student of the Year” award is another achievement for her. The “Student of the Year” award is an annual event that rewards students who not only excel in their academic pursuits but also develop comprehensive skills for their passion and talent. In addition to the excellent academic and non-academic achievements, I believe that this award was delivered to me also for the qualities of an active student in many initiatives, with independent, reflective, creative thinking, public spirit and commitment, vision, trust, and collaborative skills. My gratitude goes to parents, professors and teachers for their joint efforts and support for my growth and development to this day, “she said.
This concert, which is already traditional at the Faculty of Arts, presents a beautiful combination of orchestra, choir, soloists and instrumentalists.