//The results of the project “The main element of us” were presented at UT

The results of the project “The main element of us” were presented at UT

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On July the 4th 2019, at the University of Tetova were presented the results of the project “The main element of us”, a joint project of the University of Tetova, “Nisantasi” University from Turkey, Sofia University from Bulgaria and the organization Adefis Juventud Internacional from Spain.

Initially, a joint meeting was held between the management of the University of Tetova and that of the universities from Turkey and Bulgaria, as well as with the representatives of the Spanish organization Adefis Juventud Internacional, at the premises of the Rectorate of the University of Tetova. In addition to welcoming the successful realization of the joint project “The Main Element of Us”, the interlocutors in this meeting also discussed about the deepening of future cooperation in the field of culture, education and scientific research.
The Vice-Rector for Science of the University of Tetova, Prof. Dr. Hazir Pollozhani, reconfirmed the professional engagement and serious approach of the University of Tetova in fulfilling the institutional obligations for all projects of national and international character. As he said, this commitment is evidenced by the concrete results we have achieved in the international realm, transforming into the main – leading institution of many projects, such as the today’s one, whose results speak for our mutual successes. “In the strategy of our University, we have listed the scientific research and studies as the main priority of this institution’s work, so today, we are proud when our university is selected among prestigious international universities and credible agencies, to lead the realization of projects, and also, UT is considered as an appropriate institution for the development of scientific research by well-known scientific authorities. said Prof. Dr. Hazir Pollozhani.
The Rector of the University “Nisantasi” from the Republic of Turkey, Prof. Dr. Esra Hatipoglu regarded this project as highly important as it identifies several topics concerning cultural organization and enhancement of cooperation in the field of education, culture, and technological innovations. “We as a university give our best in preparing students for the changes that take place in the world. We always come across discussions on education in general and we often emphasize that education will not be valid if we are not committed to quality enhancement and professional preparation of the new staff. Our main goal is to prepare for all the challenges that await us regarding these issues and start talking about artificial intelligence, data collection, analytical processing and computerization, and discuss more and more every day about new methods to be introduced in education, “said Prof. Dr. Esra Hatipoglu
Professor Zeynep Birsu from Nisantasi University, briefly presented the Erasmus Plus program. According to her, this program changes year by year with the increase of the funds available to professors and students. “Currently, the Erasmus Plus program also allocates funds for development, research, entrepreneurship projects, in order to strengthen cooperation between industry and universities. Creating a strategic partnership center has become very important in order to work with different sectors and from next year there will be new Erasmus plus programs and certainly the funds for professors and students will increase even more”, stressed Prof. Dr. Zeynep Birsu.
The Vice-Rector for International Cooperation of the University of Tetova, Prof. Dr. Arbër Çeliku spoke about the project “The main element of us”. “The project is conceived in such a way to include, besides the scientific education aspect, the building of bridges of friendship and cooperation among nations. The very important element of this project is that it doesn’t end here, but instead we are building new strategies for the future over a longer period of time and jointly have designed a master program in the field of intercultural and transcultural communication. Certainly, in this project, we are thinking to include universities from Europe, the United States of America and to transfer the competencies of this project to the Center for Peace and Transcultural Management “, said Prof. Dr. Arbër Çeliku.

The project “The main element of us” is financially supported by the National Agency for European Education and Mobility, as well as the European Union through the Erasmus Plus international program.

In gratitude for the contribution and commitment to this project, the Vice-Rector for Science of the University of Tetova, Prof. Dr. Hazir Pollozhani, awarded a gift depicting the portrait of the Albanian humanist Mother Teresa to the Rector of the University “Nisantasi”, Prof. Dr. Esra Hatipoglu, and the first Secretary of the Bulgarian Embassy in our country, Stanimir Gizdev,.