//The school of leadership, public speaking and debate

The school of leadership, public speaking and debate

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The School of Leadership, Public Speaking, and Debate includes a genuine and serious training and is an opportunity for stretching horizons and creating new friends, as well as creating a critical thinking and learning responsibilities. This program is dedicated to young professionals who will be familiar with theoretical aspects, global information and various techniques, they will be trained in the area of taking responsibilities as leaders, as well as clearly and openly utter their positions and their beliefs through debates.

This program will be run by prominent and experienced lecturers in relevant fields such as:

– Sonila Meço
– Amanda Moore
– Klajda Gjosha
– Nazim Rushidi
– Dalina Fico
– Pranvera Kasami
Application criteria

All professionals who are looking for further development. Interested parties must satisfy the following criteria:

– to have a leadership spirit and will for changes;
– to be visionaries and future designers;
– to have completed high school, or be at least in the third year of study;
– to be Macedonian citizens
– to be up to the age of 35;
– to have the ability to develop critical thinking;

Priority is given to candidates who have English language skills and MS Office skills.

Lectures will be organized every weekend, from 10 November to 15 December 2018 in Tetovo.

Application deadline: October 30, 2018!

You can find the application form on the following link:

For more information go to the official website:
EMAIL: shkolla@pointed-consulting.com
Or go to the Center for Student Services and Career – UT, office No. 147, Faculty of Philology, floor 1.