The students of the Department of the Albanian Language and Literature of the University of Tetova today promoted the fourth issue of the student magazine “Përtej (Beyond)”. The students of the Albanian Language and Literature Department of the University of Tetova today promoted the fourth issue of the “Beyond” student magazine. This magazine is divided into several sections, with specific topics, where each student can find him/herself.
The editor of this magazine, student Melek Sulejmani, said that in this albanological magazine are included topics from language and literature, short prose, poetry, essays, thoughts, studies and interviews. All of these stimulate interest and desire to be read by students of other majors as well.
The Dean of the Faculty of Philology, Prof. Dr. Berton Sulejmani, in his speech, said that the academic staff engages to support student initiatives with all the possibilities and capacity and added that this event represents an excellent opportunity for students to promote themselves, the faculty and university in front of the audience.
The support to the promotion of this magazine was also provided by the Student Parliament of UT, where the Speaker, Islam Imeri, emphasized that the Student Parliament always supports the students in such initiatives and according to him this valuable magazine has had and will always have the support of the Student Parliament, even in the coming years.
On behalf of the professors of the Department of Albanian Language and Literature, who have continuously supported the students, spoke Mr. Sc. Vjollcë Berisha. She said she feels very pleased that our students are able to produce a magazine so complete, as it includes all the rubrics that a literary magazine needs.