The Student Parliament of UT in cooperation with the Rectorate of the University of Tetova, today at the Faculty of Business Administration in Kumanova, inaugurated the library of this academic unit. Vice – Rector for Education of the UT, Prof. Dr. Reshat Qahili, on this occasion, stated that our University continues its institutional commitment to provide the necessary professional literature for each faculty, including the FBA. “The leadership of the University of Tetova, besides other engagements, pays special attention to equipping academic unit, with the necessary literature for the needs of our students and professors, so that the scientific-scientific process be conducted without any hindrance, in terms of knowledge, their expansion and the preparation of a complete framework, which be achieved through libraries and professional literature”, – said Prof. Dr. Reshat Qahili.
The inauguration of the above mentioned library was also welcomed by the President of the Student Parliament of the FBA of the UT, Arbnor Iseni, as well as by the Senator of the Student Parliament of UT in the Senate of this University, Talat Osmani. They said that they are happy together with their colleagues that they now have a library, to attend their studies in contemporary conditions, equipped with books, important works and professional literature for their field of study.
At the conclusion of this ceremony in front of the participants spoke the President of the Student Parliament of UT, Islam Imeri. “It is a special honor and pleasure to be here today in front of you in this very important event, the more I participate in an event where is achieved a common goal, because it’s not the time when people talked a lot and acted a little, this is also confirmed by the initiating students for the opening of our faculty library in this city, where their request was treated seriously, not only by the leaders of the University, but also and by the Student Parliament of the UT. Although as a faculty geographically you are far away from the headquarters of the University of Tetova, I assure you that our attention is very much on you, so do not consider yourself to be a peripheral artery, but an integral part of UT. The book is the student’s strongest weapon, by which our generation will withstand all difficulties and temptations that do not want the good to us. Today, we take a small step toward great things. Naim is not with us, but he has left us a message: “Only the light of wisdom will carry us forward”, said Islam Imeri.
The today inaugurated library at the Faculty of Business Administration in Kumanova has a considerable number of titles mainly dealing with the field of business administration and public administration.