Today, at the University of Tetova, representatives of the Embassy of the United States of America presented the Fulbright Scholar program. The representative of this embassy, Gazmend Ilazi, in front of the students and the academic staff of our University emphasized that this program is a good opportunity for every student and professor who wants to participate in various studies in the United States of America, which are conducted under the Fulbright Scholar program.

“Today we will present the programs, i.e. scholarships offered by the US Embassy in our country, because at the moment there are three open applications for Fulbright Students, for students who want to enroll in postgraduate studies, professional staff, i.e. professors, who would like to do postdoctoral research and also the Humphrey program that enables professional training of various cadres by including you as journalists. These are three different programs, but we will talk about other programs, to encourage young people, students at the University of Tetova, to apply for these opportunities. We make the presentation because the generations change, every year some of them graduate and have the opportunity to apply. This is an extraordinary opportunity, because the scholarships offered by the US Embassy cover all expenses from visa to return ticket, so the student does not touch his / her pocket at all regarding the studies. Imagine going on to do postgraduate study at one of the best universities in the US, where all expenses are covered, with studies, with buying books, with attending conferences and so on. This is a good opportunity for students who have registered for postgraduate studies, master studies in our country or elsewhere, or students who have registered for doctoral studies in our country or elsewhere and want to do research on the topic of their master’s thesis or the topic of their doctoral dissertation, i.e. all of these categories can apply for the Fulbright Student or Fulbright Scholar program, or other opportunities that we will talk about today, “said the representative of the Embassy of the States United, Gazmend Ilazi.

The Coordinator of the American Corner, Gëzim Sulejmani said that today we are here together with the representatives of the American Embassy to visit the University of Tetova, to meet with students, academic staff, to inform them with all the annual agenda we have, programs of the American Corner dealing with the Internship program, which is internships for students as well as the summer schools that we intend to do during the summer. “After a two-year break, we are back with the active programs that we conduct in the American Corner with different age groups. We also have Americans who have been returned to us and continue to develop individual skills in students related to leadership, entrepreneurship and economic development.

We promote also the service we have at the Counseling Center for Free Services in America, which prepares students to be able to receive scholarships, specializations and other exchange programs in America. “We will also talk about the Testing Center we have for Toefl, which is a worldwide accredited testing center for English language testing and is a good opportunity to collaborate with students and academic staff.” says the Coordinator of the American Corner, Gëzim Sulejmani.

The only condition is knowledge of English and the selection of candidates is done in a transparent manner. The opportunities are real and any professor or student, who meets the pre-defined conditions and requirements, can be the winner of these scholarships.

Anyone who is interested to apply in these programs can apply at:, and