Rector of the University of Tetova, Prof. Dr. Kushtrim Ahmeti, on December 26, 2022, hosted the General Director of the MEPSO Company, Orhan Murtezani. During this meeting, was signed a cooperation memorandum between these two institutions, for matters of common interest, based on the use of scientific-professional, material-technical and spatial capacities aimed at advancing educational, research and application activities in the field of electrical engineering and information technologies.

Among other things, the memorandum between the parties envisages mutual cooperation in the field of educational programs and practical work; development and research projects, carried out through the cooperation of experts and professional teams defined by the signatories; consultative activities; cooperation and mutual support in the organization and conduction of professional seminars, scientific conferences and seminars, workshops, round tables; exchange of opinions and scientific, expert, applied achievements in the field of informatics and mechatronics; educational activities, carried out through the continuous education of engineering-technical staff; provision of student practice for scholarship students, as well as other students, as well as exchange of information and experiences from membership in local and international professional associations, participation, coordination and joint performance in the work of the same.

Also, this memorandum foresees scholarships for students of the first, second and third cycle of studies. The scholarship is granted for a duration of 10 (ten) months per year, with the possibility of continuation or interruption, depending on the fulfillment of the obligations defined in the agreement for student scholarships.