The Faculty of Medical Sciences of the University of Tetova, in cooperation with the Faculty of Medicine of the Trakya University of the Republic of Turkey, today organized a scientific symposium on the topic “Current approaches to lung cancer”.
On behalf of the University of Tetova, to the participants with welcoming speech addressed the Vice-Rector for Science, Prof. Dr. Hazir Pollozhani. The Vice-Rector congratulated our academic units for the organization of this scientific activity, for the commitment to medicine, with special emphasis on the treatment of current approaches to lung cancer, which is the main topic of this scientific gathering. According to him, the University of Tetova, as one of the greatest universities in the Albanian language in North Macedonia, together with other universities from the country and the region, is committed to advancing the educational-scientific processes, but also in other areas important for society in general.
“We highly appreciate the efforts of the organizers of this symposium for their vital contribution for humanity and their commitment to a better education about cancer and beyond. Medicine and other fields of primary importance have a key role in the preservation and development of people, so let us all engage in strengthening educational institutions and various social entities, aimed at education, emancipation and development of society in general. Despite the challenges and difficulties that we often face, I believe that our universities and other legal entities stand at the height of the task that they represent and only by successfully carrying out the educational-scientific activity we can afford to say that we contribute to general social development and progress. An important part of this event is the promotion of the sixth volume of numbers 11 and 12 of the scientific journal of the Faculty of Medical Sciences “Acta Medica Balkanica”, on this occasion I congratulate the members of the editorial board and the board of this journal for the excellent work in publishing necessary new research, especially at this time when the world is facing the spread of various diseases that seriously endanger public health. I wish that this scientific symposium deepens the inter-institutional cooperation even more to serve in the unfolding of alternative ideas, views and thinking. The University of Tetova feels honored to be the co-organizer of the gatherings of this academic level and I assure you that we will work with dignity, consecration and proper professionalism in all academic processes “, -said the Vice-Rector for Science, Prof. Dr. Hazir Pollozhani.
Also present at this event was the Minister of Health, Bekim Sali, who said that he feels honored and pleased to be part of today’s symposium, dedicated to the contemporary treatment of lung cancer. He also congratulated the organizers, the University of Tetova and the Trakya University of the Republic of Turkey, for organizing today’s symposium, which is an additional step forward in deepening cooperation between doctors in the field of thoracic surgery and further advancement.
At the beginning, I would like to point out that the University Clinic for Thoracic Diseases, as a public health institution of tertiary level, follows the latest trends and achievements in this field and for that purpose in the past period activities were realized for modernization of diagnostic procedures, as well as for individualization and optimization of the treatment of this malignant disease. This cooperation and mutual support through conferences and workshops between university and hospital institutions are exactly the things that develops and encourages scientific and professional staff in the treatment of diseases in the field of thoracic surgery and offers a full range of services for diagnosis and treatment of complex chest diseases, with special focus on minimally invasive surgical methods, including advanced surgical methods that are used in our country and in some advanced medical centers in the world for the treatment of lung cancer, esophageal cancer, cysts and mediastinal tumors, etc. There are ongoing activities to facilitate access to diagnostics and health services needed to monitor malignant diseases, as well as to systematically address access to new innovative therapies that can save the lives of many patients. It is also planned to expand the positive list and the medicines that in the past period were procured with a special budget, should become part of it, in order to improve the treatment of patients with malignant diseases. The common goal is to reduce the mortality rate and to enable everyone to receive superior health care within the framework of the health system, which is one of the bases for the implementation of the first national cancer control plan in the country. The Ministry of Health continues the cooperation with all relevant factors in this process”-said the Minister of Health Bekim Sali.
Rector of the Trakya University, Prof. Dr. Erhan Tabakoglu greeted the participants through a video message, where he said that the cooperation between the Trakya University and the University of Tetova will continue in the future with even higher intensity. “Previously, in 2018 we were in Tetovo with the rector, Prof. Dr. Vullnet Ameti, with whom we had a meeting about the Universities in the Balkans and the connection between them. I would like again this time to be among you, to see your universities, your mosques, your trees, your mountains, but in another case maybe. As we have expected from the University of Tetova many students of medicine, nursing, we are expecting them again among us in the near future without a Covic-19. This time, we want to come among you with different things like the Technopark, for which have been made continuous consultations and we want to have the first Technopark in North Macedonia in cooperation with our university “, said the Rector of the Trakya University,, Prof. Dr. Erhan Tabakoglu.

The general coordinator of this symposium, Dr. Levent Ismaili, said that this scientific event is the most important reason in itself that arouses our attention and curiosity of every researcher and researcher in the field of medical sciences. “The treatment of lung cancer is a topic as important as the pivot of this scientific event and I am convinced that the papers that will be presented will be a new feed not only for us here, but also for science in general. Having into the consideration the statistics of the incidence of this disease, and especially its fatalities, we are convinced that the treatment of this disease in Tetovo and the Clinical Center – Tetovo is one more opportunity and an added experience for doctors and specialists who deal directly with the treatment of patients who show such problems “, said the general coordinator, Dr. Levent Ismaili.

In this symposium, topics related to current approaches to lung cancer were presented by: Prof. Dr. Murat Türkyılmaz, Prof. Dr. Omer Xhemali, Prof. Dr. Gundeniz Altiay, Dr. Ilir Ismaili, Prof. Dr. Zafer Koçak, Dr. Ilir Vela and Dr. Levent Ismaili.

Also, in this activity was the promotion of Vol. 6, no. 11-12 of the scientific journal of the Faculty of Medical Sciences “Acta Medica Balkanica”.