With the visit to the Historical Museum of the University of Tetova in the village of Poroj, the homage to the grave of the founder and the first historical Rector of the University of Tetova, Prof. Dr. Fadil Sulejmani and the homage to the bust of the Albanian education martyr Abdylselam Emini, the University of Tetova marked the 23rd anniversary of the beginning of the first lectures. 23 years ago, a dream came true for Albanian students in our country, the dream of having a university in their native language. On February 17, 1995, the first lectures were held in the village of Poroj and Reçicë e Vogël, where thousands of people gathered to support their sons and daughters, who were going to write the brightest page of history in this part of the Albanian stem – the birth of the University of Tetova.

In honor of this historic date, a solemn academy was organized today at the University premises, attended by the leaders of the University of Tetova, guests from the Republic of Albania and the Republic of Kosovo, professors and students.

The Rector of the University of Tetova, in his address to the audience, stressed that today, we gathered to mark one of the founding anniversaries of the University of Tetova, the 23rd anniversary of the beginning of the first lectures. “We recall the decisive moments of the academic-scientific process of the University of Tetova, the first classes that marked the era of higher education in Albanian language in our country. Facing the police and the dark, anti-democratic government, on February 17, 1995, the courage of our nation, the determination of students of the golden generation – the first generation, the wisdom and progressive vision of professors, led by the founder and the first Rector, Prof. Dr. Fadil Sulejmani. Like in no country of the world, the beginning of the work of a university, respectively the University of Tetova, in 1995 was associated with violence and police force exerted on citizens who had come to the defense of university education. As a result of the violence of the government of the time, unfortunately there were many injured and imprisoned, among whom the Rector, Prof. Dr. Fadil Sulejmani and other leaders of the University, while Abdylselam Emini became martyr of Albanian education. His martyrdom raised the immortal foundations of the temple of light and knowledge, the first university in Albanian language, the institution of national glory and pride, of the hearth of education of all Albanians – the University of Tetova”- said Prof. Dr. Vullnet Ameti.

He also added that the history of the beginning of our University proves best that when a nation supports a noble idea, such as university education, no force can stop the realization of this ideal. “Throughout 23 years, our University accomplished its mission, achieved its goals and became a public university within the educational system of Macedonia. We are grateful and thankful to all those who contributed to the establishment and achievements of this University so far. Thanks to their support, the effort of education lovers, the incessant work of hundreds of professors, our University and Yours has already been established into a higher education institution that promotes educational and scientific values, acceptable also in the European space. Specifically, we thank from the bottom of our heart and express our gratitude to the Albanian families that turned their homes into the first classrooms of this University. First-generation students, professors and associates who contributed to the establishment, progress and consolidation of the only institution of higher education in Albanian and for the progress of its educational process, especially professors from the University of Prishtina, University of Tirana and beyond. The marking of this anniversary, coincides with the Nationwide Year of Skanderbeg and the 10th anniversary of Independence of Kosovo. Therefore, it is my special pleasure that in the name of students, professors and staff of the University, to congratulate all the Albanians for these two great events for our nation, hoping that we will institutionally remember and mark the glorious period of all those men and women, boys and girls who were sacrificed on the altar of freedom, for a free and independent Kosovo”- added among others the Rector of UT Prof. Dr. Dr. Vullnet Ameti.

In this academy was also present the Dean of the Faculty of Law at the University of Tirana, Prof. Dr. Artan Hoxha. On this occasion our Rector, Prof. Dr. Vullnet Ameti, conferred a certificate of appreciation to Prof. Dr. Artan Hoxha for his contribution to the development and academic strengthening of the University of Tetova. After receiving the appreciation, Prof. Dr. Artan Hoxha said: “I don’t consider this assessment as an individual assessment, but as a collective one, because you have honored the entire University of Tirana and all those professors who over the years have given their contribution to the University of Tetova. It is a special emotion to be part of the 23rd anniversary of the first lectures of the University of Tetova, a university that is identified with its own martyr, which is not a university with normal history as other universities have, it’s a university created based on effort and sacrifice. We, who have consistently followed the growth of this university, see how high it was raised, how much has progressed compared to a some years ago and it makes us proud that Albanian education, especially higher education, is not a dream for Albanians of these territories, but it is a reality. This affects the development of Macedonia, and the Albanian national issue in general”- said Prof. Dr. Artan Hoxha, Dean of the Faculty of Law at the University of Tirana.

In this academy, the Rector of the University of Tetova, Prof. Dr. Vullnet Ameti, in recognition of the results achieved in professional kickboxing and the affirmation of Albanian sport in the international arena, also conferred a letter of appreciation to the triple world champion in kickboxing, Ismail Keta. He said that he has flown from New York to honor the University of Tetova, because the name of this university in every Albanian arouses special emotions. “When I arrived here in the premises of the University of Tetova, I felt that I am in the Albanian lands and for this I take the opportunity to congratulate you all that you have contributed to the establishment and development of this University. It is your credit to have made this place breathe in Albanian. I will keep this honor in my memory, while I will promote the University of Tetova all over the world, because its history is more special than of all other universities”, said the triple world champion in kickboxing.

During the day, on the occasion of commemorating the 23rd anniversary of the beginning of first lectures, the Rector of the University of Tetova hosted in his office the family of Abdylselam Emini, martyr of the University of Tetova.