The Professor of the study program of Physics of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics of University of Tetova, Doc. Dr. Kimet Jusufi, on December 23, 2020, by the President of the Republic of North Macedonia, Mr. Stevo Pendarovski was declared Scientist of the Year.

The UT professor has a rich educational-scientific biography, has developed an intensive research activity and his scientific works have been published in prestigious international journals. With the vocation of a physicist and with rare passion in this scientific field, Assistant Professor Kimet Jusufi, for his and the new generations has become a model scientist to be followed. The title awarded by the president of the country, only confirms his intellectual and scientific capacity and paves the way for other successes in his professional career.

In addition to engaging in the teaching process, the candidate is constantly engaged in scientific research in the field of theoretical physics, with particular emphasis on: Hawking radiation; Black holes; wormholes; Refraction of light in the gravitational field; Topological Defects and Quantum Mechanics.

The scientific-research activity of Asst. Professor Kimet Jusufi consists of 66 scientific articles published in international scientific journals. He owns 1413 citations to articles in Google Scholar –, most works also indexed in SCOPUS hungry? authorId = 56884719300

From 2012-2020 he was engaged as a teaching assistant and part-time lecturer at the University of Tetova and at the same time from 2013-2020 he worked as a professor of physics at the gymnasium in Gostivar. On 22.12.2020 he received the title of assistant professor at the University of Tetova.