The University of Tetova on April 2, 2019, continued with the presentation of the academic platform for 2019/2020 before the high school graduates of Tetovo. The promotional team made up of our university professors will present this year’s study offer to graduates of all cities in the Republic of North Macedonia.
Through this campaign, graduates are closely acquainted with the 13 academic units of the University of Tetova, as well as the study programs within these units. Among other things, importance is given to three cycles of studies, educational and scientific activities, student scholarships, international projects to support youth education, student activities, and other conditions and opportunities that the university offers to students.
In addition, graduates have the opportunity to get acquainted with the various activities carried out within an academic year, such as public debates, roundtables, seminars, symposia and international scientific conferences, student competitions in various essays and disciplines, professional lectures by visiting professors in the framework of programs, etc.
The promotion campaign of the University of Tetova aims to present before every high school graduate the university’s mission of education of young generations and to enhance their professional and academic career. The promotion of the offer will be concluded with the organization of “Open Day”, which will be held in front of the Rectorate.