The Faculty of Physical Education of the University of Tetova, on April 24, 2019, for the high school seniors of the city of Tetova organized games in various sports disciplines. This sports event was organized as part of the activities for presenting the academic offer for 2019/2020.
The Dean of the Faculty of Physical Culture of UT, Prof. Dr. Haki Ismaili said that this is a very good opportunity for all seniors who plan to attend their studies in the future at our faculty. “We, as a faculty, for many years have organized sports games for our seniors in small football, basketball, volleyball, handball, beach volleyball, and other disciplines. The games do not have a competitive character, but the main goal is for the seniors to get acquainted with the conditions and sports facilities our University possesses. The participation of seniors in these games is a proof that their interest in enrolling at the Faculty of Physical Culture is expected to be high “, said Prof. Dr. Haki Ismaili.
The participating seniors in sports games were very satisfied with this organization, hoping that in the following years they will be part of the Faculty of Physical Culture.