//UT students through the Erasmus + program attend studies in prestigious international universities

UT students through the Erasmus + program attend studies in prestigious international universities

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Thirty students from the University of Tetova, in the academic year 2018/2019, have been included in the international Erasmus + program for education, training, youth and sport, funded by the European Union.
The participating students in this program, spend the winter and summer semester at the prestigious international universities, of Germany, Poland, Turkey, Bulgaria, Croatia, etc.
The benefits of the Erasmus + program are great, like: the unique experience of studying or teaching in Europe; close acquaintance with Europe and European higher education; improving language skills; multicultural experience; improving employment; exchange of knowledge, ideas, contacts, as well as many other educational and scientific benefits.
The abovementioned students have been selected in accordance with the student mobility rules, which require the fulfillment of criteria such as: to be second year students and above and to have knowledge of the English language or the language of the host university.
Erasmus + offers diverse experiences inside and outside the faculty’s space, a very interesting experience in life, a perfect combination of study, knowledge, entertainment and research of foreign cultures, emphasize students – users of this program.
“I decided to use Erasmus mobility in my recent study year, as a medical senior student. If I round everything up in one sentence, I would say that it is the best decision that I have made during the study years, of course after the initial decision to study medicine. Through this program, I was given the opportunity to discover my best professional version as a hospital intern, but also the modest version of a student who continues to learn and benefit from her academic mentors. Alongside this path of acquiring professional skills, staying with Erasmus – mobility in another country faces you with challenges and responsibilities of life, more clearly, for those moments of your stay you enjoy a sequence of your future, gain a clear understanding of what to expect as an adult and gives shape to your character “, says Fatbardha Skenderi, a student of the Faculty of Medical Sciences.
Meanwhile, Diellina Mehmeti, a student of the study program Finance and Accounting, has carried out the student mobility at Trakya University in Edirne, and says that, “Thanks to the Erasmus program I have managed to experience the best student life that every student would have ever wanted to experience”, and recommends the students not to hesitate, but to become part of this experience as one of the best chapters of the student life.
The impressions of the students are generally positive, they distinguish the visits to different places and the acquaintance of the cultural diversity. “In the early days of mobility I thought it would be very difficult for me and that I would have many challenges that I would not overcome so easily, but while staying there everything was different. I spent many beautiful days with my colleagues, visiting many places, learning the culture of each one of them and many other things, in one word, I learned things I would not have imagined to learn. It’s a lifelong experience, “says Asim Xhelili, a student of the Faculty of Applied Sciences.
It should be noted that students consider the studies abroad as a great step to prepare themselves professionally. “Studying abroad is a great step. Exiting the comfort zone is not always easy, but it will certainly enhance your personal and professional skills. The Erasmus + program is a good opportunity to receive new experiences, whether you choose to study or do an internship abroad. Perhaps you feel worried and cannot decide whether to go to Erasmus, but that is completely normal. The hardest part is making the decision, but the experiences have proven that nobody has been disappointed, ” assesses Drita Shaini, a student at the Faculty of Food Technology and Nutrition, who has stayed at the “Yildiz” Technical Faculty in Turkey.
The University of Tetova, which in March 2013 has acquired the Charter (permission) for ERASMUS +, to this day has signed agreements for student, academic and administrative staff mobility with 59 universities from 11 different European countries.
In addition to this program, the University of Tetova is a participant in dozens of international programs which promote peace, multiculturalism and where serious scientific research is carried out.