//UT students were welcomed by the President of Albania, Ilir Meta

UT students were welcomed by the President of Albania, Ilir Meta

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On the initiative of professors, Asst. PhD Dashmir Idrizi and Assoc. PhD Astrit Memia, students of the Department of Journalism of the University of Tetova last week (on April 5-6, 2018), conducted a two-day visit in the Republic of Albania, where they visited some of the important state institutions in this country.

During the stay in Albania, UT students were closely acquainted with the premises of the Palace of Brigades, with its history, architecture and unique look preserved since the time of King Zog. An important part of the agenda of students was the reception by the President of the Republic of Albania, Ilir Meta, who conducted an informal conversation about the overall political developments and the situation of Albanians outside the official borders of Albania. “Approval of the demarcation in the Republic of Kosovo, the main problem for free movement of Kosovo’s citizens was solved, you in Macedonia you already have the freedom of movement and you want the Albanian passport only for pleasure, so to get one you have to pass meet some criteria”, said the President of Albania. He noted also that Albania is under monitoring and should be very careful when granting citizenships.

President Meta commented on the actions of his Macedonian counterpart, Gjorge Ivanov, who stated that he will not decree the Law on the use of languages.

“He is not right, he should decree it. The Parliament has passed it twice, the language law should be applied. This law does not make any favor to Albanians, this belongs to the since the Ohrid Agreement”, said Ilir Meta and underlined the strong relations between Albania and Macedonia and expressed the desire to expand cooperation in the field of education.

After the presidency, journalism students visited the Parliament of Albania, where were welcomed by Erion Delvina, administration employee at this institution, who informed the students about the work and the value of the assembly in a state with a parliamentary system as Albania.

After completing the visits to the aforementioned institutions, UT students visited the studios of some of the most popular media in Albania, such as: Albanian Radio and Television, Klan Plus and Top Channel. At these meetings, journalists of these editorials emphasized that in the media where they work, are invested large amounts of money in technology and quality growth.

Cooperation relationship between UT, universities, media, intelligentsia and Albanian authorities date since 1994 – the founding year of UT, which intensified the cooperation and joint successes were achieved.