//UT successfully completed the training within the project “Art Blossom”

UT successfully completed the training within the project “Art Blossom”

2019-07-11T16:03:34+00:00 July 10, 2019|

The University of Tetova, in cooperation with field experts, marked the successful completion of the 5-day specialized training within the project “Art Blossom 2018-3-TR01-KA205-061518- Increasing Empowerment of Young Women by Innovative and Creative Artistic Flower Productions “.
The Vice-Dean for Science of the Faculty of Food Technology and Nutrition and coordinator of the project, Assoc. Prof. Erhan Sulejmani, stressed that ” This training proves that our university has the capacity to be a participant and leader of many projects related to the improvement of quality and application of innovations in capacity building and exchange of experiences “.

This joint project of the University of Tetova, the University of Jallova from Turkey, the Jumpin organization from Italy and partners from Bulgaria is financially supported by the National Agency of Turkey of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the European Union through the Erasmus Plus international program.
The project’s context and objectives are to increase the employment of young unemployed women and talented young people, in flower-fields, arts, and innovative technology. The objectives of this project will be to: improve living standards and economic development of young unemployed women with “methods of garden production in home conditions”, effective use of art, technology and cultivation and marketing of gardens, and marketing techniques while working in gardens through online services, as well as documentary films.