At the invitation of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, the Vice-Rector for International Relations of the University of Tetova, Prof. Dr. Shefik Shehu, stayed for a working visit at this university. Vice-Rector Shehu held a series of meetings with the leaders of UAB, including the meeting with his counterpart, Prof. Dr. Marius Martinez, with whom they talked about the areas of cooperation between the two universities, the challenges of higher education, the protection and cultivation of the language as a prerequisite for the development of ethnic identity.

Both interlocutors assessed that one of the areas in which we can build this relationship is the field of teaching. Consequently, the meeting continued with the dean of the Faculty of Education, Prof. Dr. Marta Bertrán Tarres, professor and founder of the international research network PAFIU, Prof. Dr. Jose Reinaldo Martinez Fernandez and Prof. Dr. Laura Betiana Garcia Ravida. Tarres, in the capacity of dean, pledged to implement the spirit of cooperation through the exchange of staff, the organization of joint workshops, as well as joint application in European research projects. The Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona is among the best universities in Europe and the second in the state ranking in Spain.

Among other things, Vice-Rector Shehu was the Chairman of the committee for the PhD Dissertation Defense of the former student of the Faculty of Philology of the University of Tetova, Shqiponjë Ahmedi.