//At the UT was opened the exhibition for the Albanian national hero George Castriot – Skanderbeg

At the UT was opened the exhibition for the Albanian national hero George Castriot – Skanderbeg

2018-11-23T12:26:30+00:00 November 23, 2018|
In the Rectorate of the University of Tetova was opened the exhibition of 50 Albanian artists lead by Prof. Dr. Miftar Memeti. Through this exhibition he brought figuratively and stylistically the figure of our national hero, George Castriot – Skanderbeg, in honor of the 550th anniversary of the death of our national hero.
Dean of the Faculty of Arts of the University of Tetova, Prof. Dr. Nafi Jashari, at the opening of this exhibition, where present was the Rector of the University of Tetova, Prof. Dr. Vullnet Ameti, together with deans, senators, professors, students and other guests, said that with this exhibition, Professor Miftar Memeti once again without any hesitation tried himself with a complex artistic project, who used a thematic content and as a visual iconography the mega national historical figure of our national hero, George Castriot – Skanderbeg.
Professor Jëlldëz Asani, said that this work has been a challenge, not only for Professor Miftar Memeti, known for his capital works “Mother Teresa” and “100th Anniversary of Independence” but it was a very difficult challenge for the 50 young artists involved in finalizing the giant portrait of Skanderbeg. “Entirety of the panel with the combination of acrylic colors on canvas, consisting of 50 pieces, contains of 32 heraldic symbols modified in different ways by the artists, 5 transformations of the figure of the eagle in folkloric view, 6 versions of the figure of Skanderbeg, an image from sigillography, finalized with a verse from the national anthem, linked by the mosaic system, depicts the giant portrait of Skanderbeg. The portrait is accompanied by other symbols also. The tangible work with 50 paintings as shreds of an existential mosaic rich in color which conveys a symbolic and figurative meaning” – said professor Jëlldëz Asani.
The author of this exhibition, the painter Prof. Dr. Miftar Memeti thanked all other painters, who have been part of this mosaic. “This work it’s not just mine, I’m the coordinator of this work. These paintings were painted by the students who have graduated a few years ago, such as painters, sculptors, graphic designers. The image of this mosaic is Skanderbeg and the eagle. It is inspired from the topics, motifs, such as various emblems of our nation, Skanderbeg’s portraits, and the transformation of the eagle from folklore. The 50 motifs, when brought together show the image of Skanderbeg”- said Prof. Dr. Miftar Memeti.
The painter Miftar Memeti with this unique work was able to elevate his art on the pinnacle of a creative freedom with a mastery of experiences like no other contemporary artist. The work of Professor Miftar Memet is not only part of his personal creativity, but an extraordinary mastery of eclecticism, of a technical perfection and an impetuous desire for experimentation, all this accompanied with will and energy to use more styles at once.