Call – Scholarships for students of social categories

LEORON Institute and HalidTavil Foundation announce scholarships socially deprived students, who wish to enroll or who are enrolled in undergraduate studies. The scholarship will be valid for a period of 10 months, in which students will receive compensation of 100 Euros. Priority is given [...]

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Call – Scholarships in Hungary

The Hungarian government announces a scholarship for the Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship program at the EötvösLoránd University (ELTE), which is one of the best universities based on the excellence of teachers and students in Hungary. ELTE (founded in 1635) is a leading research university in [...]

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Call – Master’s degree in structural engineering

M. Sc.  Management and Engineering in Structural Engineering and Risk Management of Industrial Facilities (MME-CONSTRUCT) in English language, is an international program that provides students an intercultural training environment in the field of Structural Engineering and risk management of Industrial facilities.Graduates equipped with the right [...]

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