//The new academic year 2018/19 has started at the University of Tetova

The new academic year 2018/19 has started at the University of Tetova

2018-10-03T10:18:07+00:00 October 03, 2018|
At the University of Tetova, today with a solemn ceremony, all together, students and professors, gathered inside the premises and auditoriums of the University started the new academic year 2018/2019. Even in this year, in a symbolic way were handed out the first 13 student transcripts to new students enrolled for the first time in our University, which corresponds with the number of academic units within the University.
Transcripts were bestowed to the students by the Rector of the University of Tetova, Prof. Dr. Vullnet Ameti. In his speech address to the students and academic staff he said that this day is the most important day for the University of Tetova because today we open the doors of auditoriums of our 13 faculties for new students. According to him, this day for the new students represents the great turning point and the beginning of the journey for a happier, more secure and prosperous future. “We, as the leaders of your University – University of Tetova, together with the professors and other employees, feel proud that each year our University brings together hundreds of young people from our country and the region to be educated in the branches of faculties offered by this institution of higher education in Albanian language. In October, thousands of new students start their undergraduate studies, and thousands of others continue the struggle for education to achieve the best for them and for our citizens. Educational-scientific offer of the University of Tetova, contemporary conditions of study, international prestige, permanent partnership with the well-known universities of the United States of America, European Union, active participation in international higher education programs, scholarships for excellent students, dozens of other facilitations encouraged, motivated thousands of new students who through the online system apply and enroll in the study programs that we offer for the academic year 2018/2019”. Your determination to follow the path of education and knowledge, not only strengthens our confidence that the future will be better, but as leaders of institutions obliges us to continue our efforts, intensive engagement in providing contemporary services during the teaching process. We have jointly proved that only with the work and professionalism we have increased the credibility of this institution, which even in the most difficult times has proved that social reform does not carry personal names or attributes, but steadfast determination and commitment of all of us – academic staff and its students”- said Prof. Vullnet Ameti.
Rector of the University of Tetova in his speech added that he and his team remain dedicated to education of new generations and provide prosperous future for students and their families in favor of economic and social development. “University of Tetova with its specialized professors and numerous study programs already provides the education model that leads to new scientific recognitions in service of development, enhancement of intellectual capacities and the preparation of responsible staff as worthy citizens of our country. This university has proven to be open for all, has built a professional mechanism for successful cooperation with all relevant local and international institutions, including the local business sector and beyond. I strongly believe that this practice will continue to function in the future and thus prosperity and educational advancement will be more easily achieved. Finally, I thank you all for your participation in the official ceremony of the beginning of the academic year 2018/2019, young students, professors, associates of our University. I wish you a successful year, and with new victories in this historic year – Nationwide Year of Scanderbeg”- said Prof. Dr. Vullnet Ameti.
On the occasion of the beginning of the academic year at the University of Tetova in front of new students performed the people’s artist Selami Kolonja.