Your Excellency, Ambassador Samuel Žbogar,

On behalf of the University of Tetova and on my behalf allow me to express our cordial congratulations on the occasion of the Europe Day, especiallywhen this year European Union celebrates the70th anniversary of the Schuman Declaration. On this important date, I would like to congratulate you, your Delegation and the EU itself for the continuous dedication and engagement in the democratization of our society and the integration of our country into the EuropeanUnion.

Although,we are all going through a very rough time due to the ongoing pandemic crisis, the European Union has managed to demonstrate once againthat it is aunified family, conveying strong messages of unity and solidarity, and this is a family our country strives to become a part of in the very near future.

We remain in hope to further deepening our cooperation and to mutually contribute towards building our country as a democratic state, by developing, nurturing and enshrining the European value system throughout our institutions. Education is undoubtedly a beacon that lights this way and for the University of Tetova this is the only way forward!

Once again, congratulations on the Europe Day!

Prof. Dr. VullnetAmeti, Rector